Stand 47 reimagines the ideal South African Home

Stand 47 reimagines the ideal South African Home. It is an evolutionary step for eco building.

Stand 47 is a completely green/eco building. Gavin Rooke, land owner and developer, commented that they wanted, “a diverse team of curious and innovative people who would rise to the challenge of designing and building a high-end luxury concept home using an unconventional creative process.”

One of Stand47’s most notable achievements is the seamless balance it creates between a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful living experience; high-tech building solutions and an efficient house design and build that will meet the ongoing and changing needs of its owners.

An innovative process has been employed with Stand 47 which asks what a South African home has the potential to be and moves on to explore how traditional materials, components, functions and processes can be used or executed differently to fully harness their potential. Combining this approach with modern design principles, state of the art materials and technology, Stand 47 has applied them to the local context and contemporary needs resulting in something extra-ordinary.

Stand 47 houseLogo Stand 47construction of eco house

Rooke says, “We have broken new ground with Stand 47 through a combination of innovation and efficiency that has guided every aspect of the case study from the very beginning. We’ve achieved this through the integration of organic and hi-tech lightweight materials in a way that no-one in South Africa has done before, our streamlined building process, and most importantly, the design of the home has been guided by the particularities of the South African context.”

Stand 47 has been aided by many partners:

    Gavin Rooke | Project initiator, client, landowner and developer |
    Saint Gobain | Primary materials partner | | @gyprocsa
    Monaghan Farm | Showhouse partner |
    Thomashoff+Partner Architects | Project architects |
    Style Projects | Main contractor|
    Ebony | Interior deisgn specialist |
    Rhino Modified Wood | Specialist wood supplier |
    Amoretti | Specialist window manufacturer |
    Ample Power | Solar photo voltaic specialist |
    Montagu Homes | Property agent |