About us

Builders’ Space is a source of extensive information and resources for building contractors and tradesmen, including news, safety information, training, how to guides, trade tools and equipment, National building codes, as well as administration and business tools. In addition, Builders’ Space gives business owners and building tradesman place to look and find employment. As well as access, to buy and sell used equipment products and tools.

Contractors listed on Builders’ Space will be exposed to anyone in South Africa searching for home building services. They will also be linked to Fix Shack, a consumer website visited by thousands of home owners each month, looking to improve their homes.

Builders’ Space’s unique 3D House allows contractors to navigate through a three-dimensional house with their mouse, immediately accessing information regarding any home building products or materials, where to find them, and how to install them.

Builders’ Space is the second website in the home brands, developed and hosted by Lime Online, a creative and innovative company that utilises intelligent technology to market businesses.

Our vision
We aim to assist contractors in developing their trade.

We believe contractors are able to grow and develop their trade when provided with access to information, business tools and training facilities.