A tool for tight spaces

A tremendous tool for fast and effective grinding jobs in tight spaces.

Master your tight-angle grinding jobs quickly and safely with the Metabo flat-head angle grinder WF 18 LTX 125. Its flat gear head allows for quick working in angles of up to 43°, with uniform results; its slim handle permits low-fatigue working even on weld seams in difficult positions; and its discs made from ceramic grit offer safe and high-speed grinding.

Give yourself more flexibility and independence with this cordless tool, ideal for outdoor home jobs as well as those on construction sites. Plus, with the new Metabo 5.2 Ah battery, this tool can grind and cut up to 75% longer without interruptions.

The tool features a guard, a support flange, an adjusting nut, a handle, a dust filter, two Li-Power Extreme battery packs, an ACS 30-36 V Air cooled charger, a plastic carry case, as well as a Flexiamant Super Convex CER lamellar grinding disc. It comes with a one-year warranty, and if you register on the Metabo website, you’ll receive a three-year battery pack warranty too.

For more information, see Metabo flat-head angle grinder.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space.