DLP trunking anywhere

Legrand’s new cable management system comes with black, white and grey DLP trunking for installations in hotels, offices, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, theatres and luxury homes. It has variable internal and external angles to fit all sorts of corners; rounded corners fit for Cat 6 optical fibre cable distribution; as well as a range of insulated base profiles for a number of different compartment configurations.

Added features include a PVC direct clipping assembly, requiring no screws and allowing for quick connections; data distribution in one system; removable snap-on partition covers; a removable protection film for construction; knock –outs in the partitions to feed cable in between compartments; as well as sockets which meet the new requirements for electrical trunking systems on walls and ceilings.

“DLP trunking facilitates circuit separation and identification, easy cable traffic, facilities for layout extension and modifications, maximum safety and speed of installation,” says Luk Ivens, Legrand Southern Africa’s general manager. “DLP trunking is available with black, grey and white flexible and rigid covers that retain colour quality, maintain original shape and mechanical properties, also resisting the effects of UV. The DLP range also encompasses an antimicrobial system for use in sterile environments, including hospitals and laboratories.”

This product, complete with an IP40 index protection rating and an IK 07 protection classification against mechanical shocks, is available in 2 m lengths, with a 45 mm cover.

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Builders’ Space.